About SweetCBeauty

SweetCBeauty is also known as Valerie Yvonne Barmore or ValBee, a self professed art nerd and mixtress.

When just a small child she was diagnosed with eczema as well as asthma. It took a lifetime of learning how to best take care of her skin, hair and overall health.

Freshman year of college Valerie decided to do "the big chop" and start all over again with natural hair. Beginning again with natural hair was a journey in and of itself. Falling in love with one's natural curls to not knowing how to care for dry, brittle strands, coloring with chemicals..the list goes on.

Her hobbies include painting, writing, "defeating" her nephew at Batman/PowerRangers and mixing oils and butters.

The main purpose of this blog is to hopefully help those suffering from eczema and sensitive skin.

Please send all questions and ideas to sweetcreambeauty@gmail.com.