Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bring Life to Your Skin with Dead Sea Salt?

The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel to the west.  The Hebrew people called it 'Yam ha Maved', meaning "Killer Sea" because no fish or aquatic plants can survive in the dense, salty waters.

But apparently this is what makes the water so great. The salt found in the Dead Sea are highly concentrated mineral salts collected from other rivers and streams leading to it. When it gets hot, the water evaporates and leaves behind the dissolved minerals.

Although I have never used any dead sea bath products yet I became very interested in researching the salt baths after watching a news story on CNN. The story specifically mentioned that it helped those with psoriasis a great deal but also can be beneficial with treating other dry skin conditions like eczema.  

Treatment includes ultraviolet B phototherapy  (which I have done under the care of my dermatologist) and bathing in dead sea salt. Dr. Jeffrey Altman at Mavena Derma Center here in Chicago touts a 75% success rate which I think is pretty good for a condition that has no known cure.

Have you tried any Dead Sea Salt products? How did they work for you?

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